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Brand Photography Packages

Show off your brand with a promotional photography package with GCPhoto in the studio or on location. The GCPhoto photographers are experts at promotional photoshoots for brands and marketing and will work with you all the way to make sure that your photographs show exactly the style that you're looking for. Whether you're an artist, model, business or just want to get your look exactly right, these promotional photographs will promote your brand.

Promotional Photography Gold Coast

    Social media branding

Content is king and the social media promotional photography packages with GCPhoto will give you the images you need for social media, websites and blogs to promote your brand.

The social media and branding photography packages provide you with a large number of high-quality but minimally processed and internet resolution images so that you can tell your story online. These branding photography packages are suitable for those just starting out in their career right through to established artists and businesses who want to increase their web presence.

    Studio promotional photography

Promotional photography packages in the studio with GCPhoto to promote your brand whether you're an artist, a model, a business, or a social media influencer. These studio photography packages are designed to show off your style and your brand, and can be a simple product photography shoot right up to an epic masterpiece on location with hair, make-up, stylists and the works.

    Location branding photography

If your style is the beach lifestyle, the rugged outdoors, or a swanky villa, then a location photography package with GCPhoto will show off your brand best!

The GCPhoto promotional photoshoots are tailored to your brand and the promotion that you want to achieve and, whatever style suits your brand, GCPhoto will work with you to find and set up the perfect location for your photoshoot to produce breathtaking images to promote your brand.

    Promotional photography packages include:

• 1, 2 hours, half-day and full-day photoshoots available.
• Studio, location, on-site and event photography packages.
• Consultation prior to and during the photoshoot.
• Processing of images.
• Images supplied as high-resolution JPEG files or as required.
• Rapid turnaround.
• Extensive commercial and promotional usage rights.

    Optional extras

• Hairdresser
• Make-up artist
• Stylists
• Multi-shoot packages (studio and/or location)
• Additional graphic design
• Copyright buyout

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